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Science is at the heart of work relationships

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Look forward and leave the competition behind


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HumanYo is the application that will show the world that it is possible to Humanize business


It’s not just an application but a faithful companion.
With its built-in self-coaching mode, HumanYo is able to respond to business
emergencies and help achieve their strategic objectives: Alignment and team effectiveness.
Simple but powerful options make it possible to find the right coach at the right time!

On all screens

Accessible on PC, tablet and smartphone

A 360 application

From Psychometric profile to Overall Efficacy

Security system global

Secure cloud storage for all employees

The great role for HumanYo?

The application will allow each team member to examine the communication gap between the other team members and get advice on how to adapt their style with others.
Improve teamwork and collaboration


Learn more on how to aligning teams by leveraging data science and artificial intelligence.


HumanYo, a team of multidisciplinary experts

The HumanYo team consists of three complementary cores: Two co-founders passionate about alignment, multi-discipline researchers oriented towards the human being, and professional results oriented coaches.

Experts in alignment

Whether for individuals, teams or organizations, HumanYo’s co-founders have the know-how to make full alignment integral and possible within an organization. They also have the innovative tools needed to achieve this by keeping the human at the center.

Alignment coaches

Artificial intelligence in the service of human intelligence. Our robot-coach is at the service of our professional and accredited HumanYo coaches to serve members and team leaders.


In the fields of data sciences, neurosciences, cognitive sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning, HumanYo researchers make them a strong foundation for the success of an organization: the human being.


Design for humans

Regardless of the functional level or the application flow, everything is designed to offer an enjoyable and human experience.

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HumanYo is the application that will allow every individual to discover his or her personality, motivation and skills in a simple and intuitive way. Hence the work with others becomes more controllable…